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Naturopathic Medicine combines the science of medicine with the art of healing.


As a Naturopathic Doctor I become a part of your wellness team. I have a dedicated, unique and personalized practice where I aim to provide education as well as resources to combat chronic conditions. When we meet you can expect a comfortable, intimate setting with individualized care.

I work with your wellness goals, I use basic and specialized lab work, imaging and an intensive intake to find the root cause of symptoms and create personalized, comprehensive recommendations. We then work together to achieve optimal long-term health.

  • Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine

  • Registered Colorado Naturopathic Doctor

  • Licensed Arizona Naturopathic Doctor

  • Arizona Certified to Dispense

  • B.S. in Biomedical Sciences

Dr. Chantal Binder


My mission is to disrupt the world of medicine, one client at a time. I advocate for the standard of complete wellness and the innate ability to self-heal in each of us. 

Wellness is a partnership and my role is to teach my clients how powerful their bodies and minds are; how each organ and symptom is part of a larger system. Healing chronic and intractable ailments takes a certain level of sensitivity, which I honor by rehabilitating stubborn conditions with effectual methods.

My undertaking is to promote the joy in reaching our optimal health and also in the journey we take together to get there.

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