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My philosophy is that health is a reflection of quality of life. I do not believe in extremes and strongly believe there is a time and place for all medicines. With my appointments, my first go to is lifestyle change with the help of herbal remedies, food therapy, and if needed supplementation.  I use tools that are most effective and efficient including referring to specialists and pharmaceuticals when appropriate.  My practice style is individualized and  result oriented.



At your first appointment expect a detailed and thorough intake over the course of an hour and a half. My goal is to get to know you and your health story. I will gather information about your past medical history, review recent lab work and/or imaging, learn about your current state of health and discuss your goals. We will initiate a plan to achieve balanced health and schedule a follow up. 

How to Prepare:

Preparation is key. Before the consultation you will fill out Forms via the Charm EHR Portal and upload any Labs & Imaging from the past 2 years. During the consultation you will want all bottles of Medications and Supplements you take by your side.


Scheduling follow up appointments is based on individual goals and ranges from 1-6 weeks after an initial appointment. In follow ups we will review ordered labs, compare results, touch base on progress and make adjustments as necessary. We continue building long term and comprehensive health after the initial appointment. The typical follow up appointment is 30 minutes to an hour.


~Complimentary 15 Minute Consultation~

(for new patients and clients)

Initial Comprehensive Appointment  $279

Follow-Up Appointment  $139

Initial Comprehensive Appointment Child  $199

Follow -Up Appointment Child  $129


Will be shared via Charm EHR upon scheduling a consultation

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